Friday, April 14, 2017

California Visit

I wanted to share some photos from our recent trip to California. It was a wonderful vacation for us, and much needed after Jeff successfully defended his dissertation earlier that week. Wohoo!

Great to visit the Hartvigsons and see Aunt Annie. Elena had a blast with her second cousins, or, "my friends," as she called them. It was especially fun to see Eleina Hartvigson play so well with Elena Skidmore. Name buddies! We very much enjoyed seeing everyone, eating Polly's delicious food, having lengthy breaks from parenting while the girls played happily on the farm, and dreaming of our future owning land, etc.

Here is the cute trailer we got to stay in.

Here is the view of the mountains that border the 5 acre farm. The weather and the scenery were gorgeous!

Snake adventures! This gopher snake was spotted several times around the farm while we were there. When Jewellia found it on Friday, she called Brigham and they tag -teamed it's capture. It was pretty sweet to watch, and timely that I had my camera out.

Go brother-sister teamwork!

You can probably tell, I think snakes are cool.

Look at these cute cousins!

Elena was in heaven with these kittens

The whole group :)


Outtakes from our family photo shoot.

These cuties

Abby climbing, as usual


Look at Abby's huge smile!

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