Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little rant about Mary Kay and Make-up

I hate Mary Kay's philosophy!

On my fridge is a flyer for an upcoming Mary Kay party that reads "sometimes it's impossible to feel pretty." As if to say, we know you have trouble feeling pretty, but WE can help!

Some people that are dear to me have sold these products in the past, and I know it's a really good job for a busy young woman who needs a flexible schedule. BUT, sometimes those consultant ladies can drive me crazy. One of them once tried to sell me a product that would hide my freckles. I told her I've always liked my freckles. She just said, "Oh..." yeah, rude! And that's the other thing, they notice anything someone might consider a flaw and try to sell you one of their products that will supposedly solve that specific "problem". It's as if they're diagnosing your face and prescribing medicine. They give these feel-goody speeches about self worth. That's great and all but what they are saying is that you need their products to feel good about your appearance. It's like a slap in the face!

I'm not someone who is anti-make-up or anything. I love to get dressed up and look good. Usually it feels good to spend a few minutes doing make-up daily. And every once in a while for choir concerts or hot dates its marvelous to go all out. Make-up is great insofar as it accentuates your natural features and doesn't distract from them. (some girls really need to learn about make-up that is beyond the point of beauty, by the way). And I couldn't live with myself if the people I see in every day life didn't know what I looked like without make-up. So I wear it in moderation.