Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our little Family in San Fran (SF Part 2)

The week sort of flew by with my parents, and on Friday Jeff arrived! His presentation at the conference went really well. It was wonderful to be together again!

Eating at Persian restaurant

Elena eating rice

funny TURtle face

Point Bonita Lighthouse. This was a lovely walk! Elena enjoyed it and that made me happy. She liked watching the waves crash against the rocks.

 Golden Gate Bridge

Jeff and I on our way to Alcatraz... 

Very cool tour. Lovely date for us.

Solitary confinement for bad behavior. Totally dark when the doors are shut.

On the pier!

We went on a romantic stroll around the Palace of the Fine Arts as instructed by my mom. :)

We played a game! ...And it was fun!

Trip to San Francisco (SF Part 1)

I just had a wonderful week with my parents in San Francisco. I thought I would share all my pictures on here so I could cover my facebook and google+ bases all in one!

Jeff was in Hong Kong for the first part and being with my parents was a wonderful way for me to pass the time. Then he joined us and it was great to be on vacation with him! First time since Christmas really. That man is busy.

We did lots of sight-seeing! My mom is good at playing tour guide.

The incredible and modern Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption down town. What amazing architecture!

The beautiful gothic Grace Cathedral.

Seeing those beautiful churches that first afternoon fed my soul! I love my life in Tempe Arizona...but there's not a whole lot in the way of cultural wonders in this desert valley.

This was a wonderful vintage carousel in Golden Gate Park.

Grandma and Grandpa loved having Elena there! This is Golden Gate Park.

When we're not around this is my mom's baby. Elena had a love/hate relationship with the dog. 

She just squeeled/screamed with delight/anxiety her first day there. She was fascinated with him unless he was barking. This happened in the car a couple times and made her cry:  :(

My mom helped Elena make a lot of progress with eating more solid foods. Yay!

 Temple trip! My dad and I did an endowment session in the Oakland Temple while my mom watched Elena. We were all happy with this arrangement. :)


My mom took Elena and I to the Muir Woods.



So green! :)


Alright and that's all I could squeeze in during nap time. Look for part 2 sometime soon!