Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Year of Firsts

This year I applied to the dietetics program. I wasn't accepted. But its ok, there is a different path for me. But in doing the pre-requisites for the program, turning 21, and just living life I had an adventurous year, full of many firsts. I don't know how proud I should be of some of them. Exciting or not, school related or otherwise, maybe you'll enjoy reading them.

I did all of the following for the first time this year:

Used a highlighter in my notes on a regular basis
Saw a cadaver and handled various parts of the human body...
Studied for more than three hours at a time
Studied for eight hours at a time
Used mnemonics on a regular basis
Was a member of BYU Concert Choir
Worked during school
Hugged a sister missionary (I saw my friend when I was at work in the MTC cafeteria)
Signed a contract to live with the same people next year
Had roommate prayer on a semi-regular basis
Lived with my sister at school
Jogged to the Y parking lot
Helped someone go wedding dress shopping
Went on three blind dates in a semester, four in the year
Got asked for my phone number within 30 minutes of meeting someone
Fell hard for someone I didn't even know
Gave someone my phone number who sure didn't ask for it (he never called)
Dated someone for two and a half weeks
Tried out for BYU Singers
Tried out for the Spring Opera
Went to Park City
Attended Fiddle Fest and one other bluegrass performance
Had returned missionaries my age around
Got carded (at a swing dancing club that had a bar in it)
Went to a non-alcoholic lounge
Went to a college graduation party (Spencer Pearce's)
Sang pop in public (Dan and Dave's Acoustic Raves)
Had my cousin Caitlin at BYU with me
Took as few as 13.5 credits in a semester
Had choir as my only non-science class
Got a C at BYU
Was ok with getting a C in a class at BYU
Saw HumorU, BYU's stand up group
Went to a Star Party and an astronomy show put on by the astronomy club