Monday, January 30, 2017

Downtown Tempe Photography

The other day we drove by the historic Hayden Flour Mill and I said, "I need to take pictures of that!" I have always loved old buildings and rusty metal, and since getting my first DSLR camera I hadn't taken a shot at urban photography yet. So this inspired a rather unique date idea. I would go downtown and start taking pictures, and Jeff would walk over from campus and try to find me. I would text him pictures every now and again to send him clues. Well, the finding me part didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped, but it was creative! I kept forgetting to text him, and we ended up passing each other. When we were reuniting I stole a picture of him and sent it. I though that was pretty clever, but it was so far zoomed out he didn't recognize it was him.

We then agreed to eat at a nearby restaurant. It's amazing how after living in Arizona for a while, 62 degrees feels really cold. I was shivering! I didn't want to walk anymore, so I was happy there was a good restaurant right where we were on Mill Avenue -- Ra Sushi. YUM!

So here are my pictures of downtown. They aren't amazing by any means, but I am learning! I definitely know my style and what I love, but the art of taking a great picture still needs to be mastered.

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